Sunday, April 12, 2020

A historic Resurrection Sunday

Christ is risen, He is risen indeed. Oh, sing hallelujah! What joy to know our Savior lives, conquering death on the cross and offering hope and peace forevermore! Where would we be without the truth of the resurrection? Thankful for the power of the gospel to change my heart, which was once dead, but is now alive in Christ Jesus. I've a long way to go, as sin clings so closely, but thankfully, He does not leave me helpless in my sin, but strengthens me to seek and do His will, even as I rebel along the way. Oh what a wonderful Savior!

We've been in quarantine for about a month now in response to COVID-19. It was so strange not to celebrate with church family this year. We gathered with church family virtually, dressed up because Alex wanted family photos, read and discussed the story of the resurrection, followed by a little egg hunt for the kids in our backyard. Praise God the gospel changes not, despite our circumstances. We can have peace and contentment in uncertain times because He lives!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Reverie turns three

Reverie turns three! Praising God for the gift she is to our family. She is bold, independent, free-spirited, silly, and so sweet. Her pigtails and thumb-sucking are our weakness. She loves singing to Frozen, dressing up, dancing like no one’s watching, feasting on pasta, being cuddled with plenty of hugs, keeping up with her big sister and brother, helping around the house, and caring for her baby sister.

She requested a Frozen II birthday, which we tried to make a little special with our traditional breakfast birthday cake and some art and science activities during our celebration at home in light of the quarantine. We painted watercolor resist snowflakes, and acquired Elsa’s powers to turn liquid water into solid ice. Reverie wore a handmade Anna cloak a friend got for her the whole day. Alex smoked beef ribs for dinner, which we feasted upon with pasta, salad, and ice cream cake. The kids watched Frozen II to end the night with much delight. It was a sweet and simple birthday celebrating our third baby.

Happiest of third birthdays, RevRev! We love you so much. I'm sad you're growing up so quickly. May you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray you'd find the greatest love in Him.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Heart Day 2020

We celebrated Valentine's Day with our second annual Heart Day celebration. The kids were so excited they woke up two hours early. They dressed up, listened to Alex's meditation on 1 John 4:7-12, ran all over to find valentines on a scavenger hunt, and feasted on heart-shaped donuts. Verity sat at the table this year and stealthily enjoyed her first donut. They listened to Alex read their cards with words of affirmation to one another. They giggled and thoroughly loved it. What grace to observe the kids' love for one another grow.

P.S. Last year's Heart Day party.