Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It was pretty magical

walking through sb nat hist museum
yellow butterfly
orange butterfly
mint butterfly
walking with butterflies
butterfly collage
butterflies and flowers
butterfly duo
staring at butterflies
These photographs do the butterfly exhibit here no justice. Let’s just say that standing in the midst of thousands of these fluttering creatures, and observing them up close in their element with wide-eyed curiosity and uninhibited joy was a most memorable moment. Oh, and witnessing caterpillars turn into pupas turn into butterflies was out of this world. I think we had more fun than the kiddos there. Reminded me of how I do not pause and notice the little miraculous things more often and discern that we have a way creative God, indeed.

Happy Fourth of July, dear friends! If you are celebrating here in the United States, what are your Independence Day plans? Whatever they may be, hope they're magical!


  1. Such lovely photos ! I love the tree ! And the caterpillar ! And the butterfly coming out of it's cocoon ! Beautiful !


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