Thursday, May 9, 2019

Letters to Verity: 5 months

My dear Verity Heart,

How is each month better than the last? You are a jolly, sweet babe who loves being social. You're partial to being held or worn, love hanging out on your little rug in the living room in the company of your siblings who fawn over you, and wail when you're left alone. When you're given attention, you grin, wiggle your body in contentment, and utter repetitions and variations of "ah" in earnest conversation with your beholder, thereby melting our hearts and charming us all. You're discovering your voice and have begun to squeal. You also laughed for the first time a few days ago - a quiet, breathy giggle.

You're waking up once again at night to feed again after an average 6 hours of sleep. I've missed the 8-9 hour stretches from last month, but your doctor had recommended we wake you up once a night to eat since you're pretty little. Glad we didn't have to do that and you've been waking on your own. When you do sleep, you do so with your hands up to your face and with the pacifier. Thankfully, you've discovered your fingers this month and have entertained yourself by sucking your fingers. Tummy time is a breeze for you now and your head control is quite good. You're more comfortable with rolling from your tummy to your back, especially onto your left but also sporadically onto your right. When you eat, you arch your back and develop such gassiness that you scream cry until you're burped over the shoulder. You love being held this way.

I think you're about 10 lbs. You wear size 1 diapers, 0-3 month clothing, and newborn shoes. You're still using the full newborn insert in your car seat. I'm in disbelief you're now 5 months. Thankful you're our littlest baby because you'll be a baby longer.

Love you so,

P.S. Verity at 0 , 123, and 4 months. Plus, her birth story.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Valor turns four on the fourth

Today is Valor's golden birthday! I can't believe our littler love is four. Valor is zealous, sensitive, sweet, inquisitive, and cautious. He is perceptive, observing the world and taking everything in with quiet contemplation. He offers words and opinions when asked genuinely. His sensitive heart feels all the feelings, and he is learning to express his emotions well. He is introverted, preferring the company of those with whom he is most familiar - his family and his teachers in our church family. He cherishes quality time and words of affirmation, happiest when we give him one-on-one time. As our only son, he is constantly surrounded by his three sisters, whom he loves and is learning to love. He looks up to his older sister, his best friend. He aspires to do everything she does, especially when it comes to schoolwork. He wants so badly to be a big kid "in jie jie's ("big sister's) class. He loves letters and numbers, spending hours writing them. He enjoys puzzles, stringing beads, tinkering with and taking apart objects to see how they work, reading ABC and counting books, drawing, watercoloring, building with blocks and train tracks, dancing (we love his creative moves and choreography) to VBS songs and memory work, helping to cook in the kitchen, doing laundry, sorting silverware, being clean, and swimming. He can't resist sweet treats. He'd rather play than eat but will eat chicken nuggets, corn dogs, broccoli, cucumbers, seaweed, spinach, chicken drumsticks, fries, breakfast bars, fruit, and bread. His favorite things lately are the color blue, PJ Masks, gummies, and lollipops. He has a tender heart towards babies, particularly his newest baby sister. He tells her and us multiple times a day with sweet sincerity that he loves us, which melts our hearts for we love our BooBoo so! We pray he grows in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and one day be a mighty man of valor. May the Lord give us grace to shepherd his heart well.

The only thing Valor asked for was a "PJ Masks birthday." We set up a skyline backdrop using black washi tape for our breakfast cake smash tradition. We made a silhouette of his favorite PJ Masks character, Catboy, on construction paper for a cake topper. Valor had been asking the past month, "How come it's not my birthday yet? Why is it taking so long?" He was so happy to have a special day all to himself. We had so much fun celebrating him today with family. We'll continue celebrating him on Monday with a trip to Legoland with dear friends.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

First beach trip of the year

We went to the shore for the first time this year at the end of April. One thing I love about annual first beach trips is realizing how the kids have grown in the past year. The three older kids are definitely older now - they loved spending time on the little kid-friendly beach. There's more boldness and willingness to play longer in the sand and water as each year goes by. In fact, Reverie was the happiest.