Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back from a lovely rendezvous

mr. and mrs. lum's sweetheart table
irene ready to get married
irene veil
irene's bridesmaids
bridesmaids' shoes and bouquet
brian and irene wedding
We're back from our weeklong rendezvous up in the Bay. It was such a lovely respite, mostly because we got to witness one of my dearest friends marry the love of her life. The wedding was breathtakingly beautiful, especially because the heart-stirring ceremony reminded me of what a joyous gift marriage is. So blessed by Irene & Brian's love for God and for one another, which now only has room to grow. The husband and I had a bona fide blast spending time with new chums, too. We appreciate how laidback NorCal is compared to its southern counterpart - ideal environs for annual vacationing, methinks.


  1. Beautiful! Glad you folks had a nice time to. I agree, the further north you get in California, the more laid back the atmosphere seems, definitely vacation atmosphere. My husband and I always love our surf trips up that way.

    Congratulations to the lovely bride and groom!

  2. gorgeous pictures!! and beautiful wedding and bride

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