Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fancies: official

marriage certificate
It's official, and no longer just on Facebook. It took nearly five months, but my last name is now changed to match the Mister's. Due to our jam-packed schedules of late and the inevitably long lines at the county registrar, social security office, bank, and DMV, we dilly-dallied through a monthslong process to procure a name change on all of my documentation. So happy we are finished now! It is a peculiar yet titillating feeling to see my new last name on all the legit documents. The permanence of it impresses upon me that we truly are a new family, covenanted together through all circumstances. Makes me reflect on how we are privileged to first be part of God's family because Christ has given us life in His name when He took our place on the cross. That is the greatest and most permanent covenant of all - a heart-stirring reminder to usher in the weekend. Happy Friday, friendly folks!


  1. Aw that really is the best feeling! It's been closer to two years for us, and I still get happy flutters in my stomach sometimes when I see my name. Anyway, congrats! And thank you for the truthful reminder, a perfect start to the day for me.

  2. It took me just as long to change my name, but I remember it being the best feeling in the world once it was official. I used to sit around and stare at my license for way too long. I love reading your blog, Helen! :)


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