Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fancies: good things

union square, san francisco
Happy Friday, lovely friends! It is always a good thing that the weekend is here once again. The temperatures around these parts have been creeping steadily toward the 90s this past week even though it is nearly the end of September, and I rather like it. I am a sucker for gallivanting beneath translucent skies until they're overridden by semblances of fall, which shall be here before we know it. Some other good things:
  • Have any of you Angelenos read the feature article in this month's LA Magazine on Superintendent John Deasy? The author followed Deasy throughout his first year in his superintendency over Los Angeles Unified School District last school year, and the article proves to be a fascinating read, for educators and non-educators alike, as it contemplates the precarious state of the second biggest school district in the nation and the dire state of public education in general, Deasy's lofty ambitions for total transformation of the district for the students within and the communities around, and what that entails for public education overall. For those who haven't, there is also a postscript with the author's commentary here.
  • This week really seems to have flown by.  In all honesty, life has been a whirlwind these few years past, and in reflecting, I am hoping it was filled with good things - good works in the eyes of the Lord because of the abundant grace and mercy He constantly pours out, first via the cross. It's sobering to mull over that a godly woman is "devoted to every good work," because I am far from being devoted to every good work. I really want to be spending my energy, heart, and time serving others better - more intentionally, more diligently, more faithfully, more sacrificially, and more prayerfully - because such are the greatest testaments to our God who loved us first. Oh boy, I need lots of help. 


  1. Happy friday to you, lovely friend! Thanks for the challenge to live a godly life: good thought to start this weekend! xoxo!!

  2. Praying for more of Christ in you honeybutter! =)


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