Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The afternoon of year twenty-five

looking for a picnic spot
merry go round
looking through tote
picnic basket
picnic goodies
picnic food bird's eye view
picnic lunch his and hers
handpainted tote
tote details
laughing at card
holding tote
a birthday card
reading card
A&H birthday picnic kiss

behind the scenes 1
behind the scenes 2
The dear husband blew me away with a whimsical picnic on the afternoon of year twenty-five. I tell ya, he ceases never to surprise me and bless my heart. We went to a sprawling 4,000+ acre park and adopted a shady spot beneath grand, leafy trees next to a turn-of-a-century merry-go-round. It was so lovely and peaceful because there was hardly a soul there on a Monday, except for a singing nomad warbling nearby. The Mister got tasty sandwiches from here, accompanied by cheddar with peppered salami and chocolatey sweets from here. As if that weren't sweet enough, he then surprised me with a slew of handmade gifts. He made stencils, painted, and stamped a canvas tote bag bursting with handcrafted cards and goodies. It was exceedingly endearing because all the mementos were a community effort, as he told me about the sweet friends who contributed by crafting something, cutting cardboard, picking out fabric paint, baking goodies, and the like. The husband will always be first to confess that he is not a crafty person, and would rather wash dishes than make something. Our dear friend who snapped the behind-the-scenes pictures above divulged that as he was stenciling, he kept blurting out flustered remarks, "Freak. Why does my heart look like a buttcrack?"  I think he is a thoroughly creative and thoughtful fella; he totally went out of his comfort zone to put it all together, and was sneaky enough to send me off to the flea market while he worked on it with lovely chums. He executed the proposal in a similar manner, as it was also a community effort - I am always reminded at these times of how undeservedly blessed I am to have such amazing, encouraging people in my life who wholeheartedly reflect the kindness of the Lord. I may be biased, but I think have the sweetest husband ever and, lo and behold, that wasn't even the end of the festivities...


  1. nice blog

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  2. ooooooooooooooooomg, alex is such a sweetheart! I am so impressed, I can't believe he knows how to do all that! everything he did is so you! omygoodness, so romantic!

  3. how cute is this?
    lucky lady!!!
    ooks like you had a great birthday :)

  4. What a great husband! Love the photos and how picturesque the setting was for the picnic! =) You look amazing in the photos!

  5. ahhhh!! hehehe I love this!!! I love you guys!!!

  6. totes romantical. major points, alex!

  7. Oh my goodness, romantic! That is so very sweet! I really love how you two take time to invest in each other and your relationship. It's really encouraging to see. :)

  8. I heart you!! what a beautiful picnic!

  9. This is too wonderful. My fiance proposed to me on a picnic date so I love picnics. And this one looks so perfect.


  10. So jealous of this little celebration. Absolutely the cutest thing around!
    xo TJ

  11. Aww what a cutie he was to pull this off! I can't believe how beautiful you look as well, radiating with happiness, I love it!

  12. Happy belated birthday! That's so sweet and romantic of him. You guys look so happy together. Wishing you many happy memories to come :)

  13. So I typed a whole paragraph, just so it could erase on me. lol.
    Anyways, This is totally cute! Your husband is such a sweetheart. Love all the photos, especially the ones of you. Your dress is so pretty. I also love the last photo of you and your hubby looks like a movie still.
    overall I love it all.

  14. this place is AMAZING! i'm so jealous! really like it! :) perfect! let's follow each other? :D

    much love,


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