Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The farmer's market

farmer's market
barrels of pluots
crab apples and pluots
crab apple
bunch of berries
carrots and tomatoes
white peaches
white peach
Farmer's markets are one of my favorite things. Who isn't a sucker for a powwow around fresh, organic, locally-grown fruits and veggies? I'm not clear if locavorism is the way to go or not in terms of its environmental benefits, but I love being able to chat with the amiable farmers, who are ever willing to answer questions, boast about their produce, and offer endless samples. I used to frequent this farmer's market on the Westside, but since moving, there hasn't been a legit one. Until now. So glad this weekly farmer's market is but a short jaunt away. I'm also loving the seasonal fruit that is making an appearance in the stands; though pluots are rather tasty, I couldn't resist the gigantic, flavor-bursting peaches and nectarines. I think I'm still in summer mode, even if the weather is supposedly changing to cooler variations.


  1. I am so a sucker for fruits and veggies! But I tend to forget about them and they start to rot. Nectarines are my absolute favourite, we planted a tree in our backyard the other day!

    And these fruits are really summery aren't they? Funny, seeing as you are transitioning into Autumn

  2. I love these photos! They make me so excited for Saturdays. I love markets. They encourage the most wonderful sense of community and appreciation of naturally grown food.

  3. Love the farmer's market. So perfect!!!
    xo TJ

  4. Yes!! I love the farmer's market! I love the people, the community, the atmosphere, the yummy yummy food. These photos, by the way, belong in a magazine or on a wall or anywhere they can be displayed proudly. STUNNING! xoxo

  5. I love going to farmer's markets. The freshness of the market is so amazing that it makes going to the grocery store less appealing. Great photos...I could eat those berries straight from your photo!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! xo Shawna

  7. love this photos! LOVE <3 i'm now following you honey

    much love,

  8. where is this farmers market? we don't have many in the san gabriel valley except Monrovia is the best one to visit but i want like a real legit farmers market like the Santa Monica one. I want all produce, baked goods, etc, not your scentsy business thank you very much

  9. Oh my, the plums are making me salivate~ I love farmers markets too<3


  10. such beautiful photos! the colours are inspiring

  11. There really is nothing better than the farmer's market! Great pictures.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  12. oh gosh, farmers market's are amazing! your blog is so darling and your photographs really capture the moment.

    lindsey louise


  13. Great Pictures!! I love famers markets

  14. I love the farmers market. We can't go now because of Benjamin, it's cold in the mornings.. but enjoy it before it gets cold over there.. if it does?

  15. Gorgeous! We've lived in the Bay Area for over a year now and I still haven't made it in to the Farmer's Market in the city. We did go to the one in our little town once, but it was slightly disappointing. Maybe we'll make it our weekend goal to head into the city and snag some produce pow-wow time :)

  16. You and Alex should really move to LA since both of you are out here SO much! ;)


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