Monday, January 7, 2013

The best kind of garages

chelsea antiques
chelsea garage flea
vintage rubber stamps
alex hunting for coats
more antiques upstairs
vintage collars
so happy to be treasure hunting
vintage rulers
vintage tins
Every time I am on a trip, I shall attempt to pinpoint at least one flea market to patronize. Chelsea boasts a wealth of vintage stores, and is also home to one of my favorite New York antique markets, to which the husband kindly accompanied me when we were on the East Coast. I appreciate that many flea markets on the East Coast are held in garages, unlike on the West Coast, whose markets are oft held outdoors. We uttered sighs of relief to hop from the train to the garage, as the skies poured and the winds howled that afternoon. The Mister and I both hunted for treasures, and scored a couple of vintage lovelies for our little home. It's a shame we can't consider adopting bulkier items while we're out-of-town, since they won't fit in our carry-ons. The husband, however, would deem that a blessing.


  1. Great Post!

    Cool I love these pictures a lot I always love to check out markets :)

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  2. I'm going to NY next week. I hope I'll have time to stop by. Loving this!!

  3. I am adding New York antique markets to my bucket list :)

  4. oooooh!!! i could get lost in there! love the vintage tin cans and were those stamps? swoon!

  5. Just from your beautiful pictures I have spottet things I would love to own! So so pretty! Thanks for taking us along ;)


  6. soo cool!!! I want to go now
    and you are super cute!! Love that outfit

  7. Oh no, that place would be my down fall! You make everything look like so much fun- that's what makes you both so great!

  8. I love vintage shops and flea markets! If I could, I would make trips just for that reason! =)
    Great photos!

  9. I love those printing letters. And I love markets. But the trick for me is to find a good reason to buy something. And I never can so I always come away empty handed, but it's still fun to poke around.


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