Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A birthday tea soiree

dorothy's birthday tea soiree
birthday tea menu
teacup and saucer
cucumber tea sandwiches
cheese board
afternoon tea place setting
dorothy and me
scones and tea
turkey, swiss, spinach, pesto tea sandwiches
alice in wonderland
blueberry scones
afternoon tea spread
makeshift tea party photobooth
dorothy and vintage hankie bunting
cake pops
chocolate dipped peanut butter banana cupcakes
I've a certain predilection for tea parties, so I was excited to turn our little home into a tea parlor for a dear friend's birthday this weekend past. The lovely affair was delicate, feminine, and colorful, which suited the celebrant's personality quite well. A birthday tea party highlighting decadent desserts was only natural for the birthday celebrant, who is the very best baker I know (she churned out hundreds of amazing cupcakes for our wedding); she provided all the baked goods, while I whipped up the simple savories. It was only natural to project Alice in Wonderland during the festivities to enhance the mood. I also hung some vintage hankie bunting in a spontaneous attempt to spruce up a doorway, and it became a makeshift photobooth for lovely lady guests - a most fortuitous turn of events, indeed.


  1. This is such a lovely party! Everything looks so pretty, so fun. The Alice and Wonderland film was a perfect touch. So thoughtful. =)

  2. What a gorgeous party. It must have been lots of fun. The food..the cakes looks absolutely yummy. Did she plan this all on her own?

  3. the whole time I was scrolling through I was "Alice in Wonderland, this reminds me of Alice." and then voila, you all watched it! everything looks so feminine and lovely!

  4. I do love a cucumber sandwich!!

    This looks absolutely gorgeous!! I want to come next time (I'll just catch a plane) :-)

  5. You did such a fabulous job with this tea party! And I LOVE that you incorporated Alice in Wonderland. I mean, that's a must, in my opinion.

  6. This is lovely! The cupcakes look delicious and vintage hankie bunting adorable!

  7. Everything looks so delicious!! Especially the desserts :)

  8. omg this is the cutest thing ive ever seen!

  9. what a wonderful party! love all the details and everything looks lovely!

  10. wow, this looks beautiful and that food all looks good and all your friends look super cute!

  11. i'm swooning all over this party! all the details.

  12. this is amazing! lovely photos!!



  13. omg!!! this is lovely!! my friends and i are planning a tea party this spring too!!! hopefully, the backyard clears up (without snow) and we can do it outdoors.. definitely gave me ideas for our own party!!! so pretty! :D

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  14. Okay, I thought this was at an actual little tea shop, the decor is so sweet. And your 'spontaneous' hankies, I love it. I need to step up my next little get together, seriously inspiring in a fantastic way.

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  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This is such a beautiful tea party! Every detail is so pretty. A lot of effort and work put in it too. I love those tea cups and the pastries look delicious. (sorry for deleting my earlier comment)

  17. helen! i love this! you are so talented and amazing :)

  18. Amazing Tea party!!!!
    you have inspired me for our annual tea party with the ladies at church!

  19. Okay you put Rachel Ashwell to shame!!! I love it all so much. It's like magic. I want my house to look just like this. :)

    Shauna xoxoxoxxo

  20. This is so precious and looks like so much fun! I love the pretty little sandwiches!

  21. Seriously Helen. You are too amazing. This is so beautiful and fun! I love every little detail you put into this tea party! The decor, the food, plates, silverware.. so perfect. Happy Birthday to your friend!


  22. This looks adorable and so much fun! Great job with the theme, decor and food!

    Ali of


  23. INCREDIBLE AND INSPIRING!!! This is unbelievably beautiful!! Awesome work.

  24. Oh, I wish you lived in South Africa so I could hire you to plan {and of course attend} all of my parties! I would never stop partying, I would probably be broke first!

  25. Cute party! I wish I had a party so lovely like this! ihihi

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