Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Full of hope

Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend, all! What a blessed hope that we have in the resurrection - because Christ is alive, there is everlasting hope, the glorious gospel is true, and our faith is not in vain. How often I simply glaze over such a sweet truth in the daily hullabaloo of life! I am thankful for a weekend to remember God's kindness to us through Christ's death and resurrection on the cross that changed the world and our eternal destiny forevermore. We celebrated Resurrection Sunday with our church family in the morningtide, and then in the evening with dear friends at a legendary seafood feast and a munchkin Easter egg hunt in which the husband wished big people could've participated. It was a peachy weekend, indeed.


  1. this looks so lovely! i'm glad you had such a nice time :) Easter egg hunts and seafood sound amazing!

    grace & love,

  2. aw, the easter egg hunt! sounds like you had a grand easter! next year you should do an egg hunt just for the "big people" too!

    lindsey louise

  3. Happy you had a blessed weekend, Helen!!! I checked out your friend's blog and saw more photos of the Easter egg hunt! Beautiful!

    Blessings to you and your hubby, Helen!! <33

  4. I love our church family too. These pictures are adorable, well adorable and delicious, I should say. :) We had a lovely weekend as well with family and friends. I love Easter. You are always filled with gratitude and appreciation, I love it. Have a great rest of the week.

    Shauna xo

  5. That seafood feast is mouth watering. Great way to celebrate Easter.

  6. That food looks amazing!! Darling picture of the girl- I bet that strand of lights is awesome at night too!
    I am so thankful we have Easter and take a day to remember what Christ has done for us.
    Beautiful post!

  7. That first picture is ADORABLE! Those sweet dresses are just so cute! Doesn't your husband have any pull in who can join the egg hunt?

    We had a lovely Easter filled with family, food, church and love. Take Care Helen, keep on feeding us with your joy.

  8. So glad that you had a good time :) I always love my visits here.

  9. What a perfect Easter. :) Love the shots and your words.


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