Monday, July 15, 2013

Playing with acrylics

abbot kinney
mural in venice
table at primitivo
primitivo table setting
getting ready to paint
bacon-wrapped dates
shaina overseeing
3 paintbrushes
annie, me
tory, shaina
beginning to paint
shaina, me
A sweetest friend had the genius idea of munching on tapas, sipping wine, and painting with acrylics to commemorate her birthday last week. Venice’s Abbot Kinney was the surefire spot to carry out such bohemian shenanigans, particularly at this swanky wine bistro. Most of us had never painted before, so it was a ball to receive a bona fide art lesson amongst such lovely aesthetics. Happiest of belated birthdays, dear Shaina! I love you so!


  1. Okay this is so awesome!!! I'm stealing this idea. What a great way to celebrate. I love it!!! And add in the genius of your pictures taking and it's perfect!! You are so beautiful Helen. Hope you are feeling well,


    Shauna xo

  2. This is just so amazing! What a great way to bond with your friends. I cannot wait to see your baby shower pictures!

  3. What a fun idea! I love moments like that with friends :)

  4. Awesome idea! I just got a coupon for a class like this - now I'll definitely have to go!

  5. LOVE these painting with wine things (although, I don't drink) I LOVE to paint :) It's different, but a fun get-together with friends!

  6. this is such a fun idea for a birthday gathering! i love it! i had a birthday once at a pottery place where we painted plates and vases to later take home, but i love the canvas idea!

    lindsey louise

  7. This looks like such a fantastic and creative time. What a unique way to make memories with loved ones?

  8. lovely idea! And the best part is you all have similar but not the same paintings to commemorate your special day! Happy belated, Shaina!

  9. oooouuu that looks like so much fun. Maybe I will do this for my own birthday. hmm... :D

  10. wow. what a great idea! sounds like a lovely time to spend with friends and celebrate a birthday!

  11. Looks like a splendid Birthday to me! Just stunning pictures!- loving how much fun you have together! Love the fun paintings too... never a dull moment when paint is around:)

  12. What a fun, unique way to celebrate a birthday! Gorgeous photos!


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