Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Funny-looking desert foliage

joshua tree 1
helen 8 month bump 1
helen 8 month bump 3
helen 8 month bump 2
helen 8 month bump 4
nature detail 1
alex hands in air
alex shrug
alex climbing stones
alex staring at joshua tree
AH helen belly joshua tree
AH joshua tree
AH belly joshua tree
joshua tree 2
joshua tree landscapeJoshua Tree had been on the must-see list for a while, especially since the Mojave desert is but a drive away for us. We'd yet to visit, so the opportune stopover during our Palm Springs babymoon instilled in us the wondrous breadth of God's creation, from crashing oceans, majestic mountains, tranquil forests, widespread flora, to desert wilderness. I just thought all the Joshua trees were rather funny-looking, and we had a ball running around and acclimating ourselves with the expansive foliage. Well, I waddled more than ran, as we are nearing 34 weeks. Alex was so excited to snap all of the above 8 month belly pictures, and we are counting down until we meet this baby!


  1. Wow. Already nearing 34 weeks! It feels like yesterday when you announced on your blog. I remember visiting Joshua Tree when I was living out in CA. Beautiful place. My husband and I are itching to head out to the desert. So tranquil.

  2. Helen! These photos are absolutely amazing, and can I say I'm counting down with you!! So excited!

  3. awww I miss you guys so much!! can't wait to meet the little miss when I'm back!

  4. Gorgeous photos. What a great place to visit.

  5. Oh I love all of the plants! They really are all so wondrous!

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  6. Such stunning pictures! You guys are the cutest, not long to go now! :)

  7. How cool are these? Looks like such a great time! loving the dress again, you are about the cutest preggo there is! Darling pics!


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