Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Third trimester effects

basket of rosie hair clips 2
yellow rosie hair clip 1
yellow rosie hair clip 2
yellow rosie hair clip 3
red, pink, yellow rosie hair clips
maroon and cream rosie hair clips
scattered rosie hair clips
blue and gold bruins rosie hair clip
rosie hair clips
basket of rosie hair clips 1
Month 8 commences this weekend, and the third trimester has been crawling by with the normal symptoms. I eat all the time. The baby moves and grooves like a hardcore Olympic gymnast most of the time. All I want to do is frantically clean and organize our little home half the time. My lower back aches which makes sleeping through the night rarer sometimes. And I made frivolous little felt hair clips for this little miss in my belly this one time, as inspired by a dear friend who used to make clips for her little girls. The blue and yellow one is my favorite, reminiscent of my alma mater (and perhaps her future college?).  I only have rosie hair clips thus far, but I've a slew of other ideas in my head. I just hope she isn't bald...but I'll love her just the same even if she is!

Alex is so excited to meet this little girl - we were browsing around at a bougie baby store last week, and we saw a charming little wooden kitchen. "Aw, look!" I said, pointing to it. He made a beeline for the playset, glanced at the hefty $200 price tag, and declared, "I want to get this for the baby." "What?!" I exclaimed. "She's not even born yet, and she wouldn't be able to play with it until she's at least 2. And I don't want to spend $200 on a play kitchen." "I just want to get something for my daughter," he replied. It was so endearing that I couldn't help but laugh. We didn't end up getting the kitchen, but we learned that I will probably be the more practical parent, and Alex will be the one who takes her out for daddy-daughter dates at Toys R Us. We are so thankful to the Lord for our growing little family. I am so grateful to my selfless and generous husband who leads me well, and for this little one who already brings joy to our lives.


  1. Most adorable post ever. Those hair clips are so darling!!! And oh, Helen, you will absolutely swoon when you see your husband melt when he's holding his own little newborn.. it's the most magical feeling in the world! You two are already such incredible parents. xo

  2. Sweetest thing ever - your handmade hair clips and your hubby wishing to buy something for your little girl. Ohhh she is such a blessing!!

  3. these little flowers are so so so cute! i want to wear them all! reading about how excited your husband is makes me so happy! you make me so excited for these special moments to come later in my life.

    lindsey louise

  4. so sweet. i love those hair clips. no doubt she will look adorable in them. happy third trimester to you!

  5. I was away all summer and now look, you're in your 3rd trimester! Your baby shower was so beautiful, but I know it's the love that was the best gift. Looking forward to your story unfolding.

  6. These are so pretty! Must be an even exciting part of the pregnancy.

  7. Oh this was just such a darling post! This I can just feel the excitement you and your husband must be feeling. I can't wait for you to introduce your little girl to us!

    fashion and tea

  8. oh helen, how sweet. i love how the hair clips came out. they are adorable, and even more so the excitement you both have to meet your little girl!


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