Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Not called to be comfortable

Since we've been married, we've been praying for opportunities to make a more meaningful impact wherever God happens to place us, whether here or elsewhere on this globe. Over the last few weeks, God has been orchestrating for us an avenue to do just that. It became official this week: our little family shall be moving to a different apartment community across town to serve as on-site missionaries! We are beyond excited and ever thankful for this amazing opportunity to get to know people, build community, and potentially meet their needs, smack dab in the city in which we're currently residing. I'm feeling particularly humbled that the Lord would grant us this chance to make Him known, exceedingly blessed by our church family's support and partnership, and thoroughly jazzed to commence this new season of our lives. particularly since we are moving within the next few weeks, and I am currently 38 weeks pregnant. I started laughing because I've been nesting like a madwoman - scrubbing cabinet crevices, wiping down any trace of dust, and now, it does not matter because we are packing everything up! I love how God does not call us to live comfortably, but sends us out to do His will, even if we thought we'd be staying where we are for a while. I must confess, I'm kind of hoping frenetic packing will put me into labor! Not sure how moving and having a newborn shall play out, but thankful that God is sovereign and that His plans are much better than ours.


  1. Please ask for a lot of help when you have a newborn and you are attempting to move. I did it and it was extremely frustrating and many tears were shed. Ask for as much help as possible. Also, remember post baby your body is healing and you might not be able to do much anyway especially while tending 24/7 with a newborn. Ask for and take as much help as you can because combining the two was definitely one of the most challenging, stressful times in my marriage. You will be fine in the end, but I would never want to go through that again.

  2. how exciting Helen. working for the Lord with no hold backs and allowing yourself to be uncomfortable has its rewards. may God bless your hands and that of your husband's.

  3. We haven't borned to be confortable, but to be Happy!!!
    "God" luck!

  4. you guys are awesome. I know God is so proud of you for taking this little jump. it's going to be crazy and wild and wonderful!

  5. We moved right toward the end of my pregnancy as well so I know that feeling.. but God's ways are indeed higher and more wonderful. Sounds like a fantastic opportunity, can't wait to hear more of the Lord working in and through you guys as you follow Him out (just like Abraham, so awesome). Praying for your little family!


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