Friday, January 17, 2014


serene at 14 weeks
It has been a nutty week, and we are thoroughly spent. We're still in the trenches of learning to balance everyday life, with Alex went back at seminary this past week for his final semester and my back into the work swing of things during the day, while building community with the residents in our apartment complex, and doing ministry/church life during the night. Serene's been adjusting to a new routine too, as I drop her off to different caretakers a couple of times a week. We're on the go from dusk 'til dawn, and we didn't get home until 9-10pm most nights this past week. By then, we are all so exhausted that we just mumble nonsense to each other before we knock out. There aren't enough hours in a day, and we're learning to be more efficient while on the go with a little one, which has entailed fast and furious diaper changes in the car, bottle-feeding while driving to our next destination, and one of us waiting in the car with Serene while the other grabs groceries or toiletries from the store. This new everyday has been making trying to adhere to a consistent routine for Serene's (and our) sanity practically null, and we've been advised that we just need to learn to say no to certain things. Maybe it may have to come to that, but until then, I'm cheering wildly as we herald in this three-day weekend. Happy Friday, lovelies!

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