Monday, April 21, 2014

A most momentous weekend

family picture on easter 2014
alex kissing serene easter 2014
easter 2014
easter egg hunt 2014
alex easter egg hunting 2014
easter eggs in basket
serene at 28 weeks on easter sunday
serene at 28 weeks on easter sunday
serene at 28 weeks on easter sunday
serene at 28 weeks on easter sunday
serene's easter 2014 dress
serene's easter 2014 shoes
Hope your weekend was grand! Last Friday earmarked the epic day of the greatest act of sacrificial love ever fulfilled - when Jesus Christ died on the cross on our behalf, a death (and resurrection) that facilitates the salvation of those who believe, and a subsequent, all-encompassing joy in the true treasure that is Christ. I'll never know how much it cost to see my sins upon that cross, but I am thankful to the Lord for His unmatched mercy in granting us the good news of the gospel. Because He is risen, life is worth living. So grateful for Resurrection Sunday yesterday to commemorate Christ's resurrection from the dead that grants us a living hope that surpasses all else on earth. God is too good to us.

We celebrated by gathering with our church family where Alex preached on the consequences of a resurrection-less Savior, followed by a feast and egg hunt with dear family friends. I realized after Sunday service that though I thought I picked out a random vintage dress for Serene to wear that day, it was actually an official Easter dress. It featured an embroidered bunny front detail - perfect for an Easter egg hunt! Alex was so sad that "big kids" weren't allowed to participate in the egg hunt last year. He made up for it this year. He stole eggs and ate the candy inside before the hunt even began, all in the name of Serene Joy. When the hunt was about to officially begin, he even tried to cut in front of the kiddos in line. My husband is unashamed to relive his childhood through the baby - haha! But really, all of these sweet blessings are a result of our hope in Christ. This weekend past was simply a more poignant reminder that we were made alive in Christ, and we've this life to declare His promise.


  1. Amen! Glad to see you had a beautiful Easter with your family...celebrating the real reason: Jesus! Also the picture of her looking up and smiling with her adorable dress and headband.....too cute!


  2. Beautiful Easter photos. She looks so pretty in her dress and it looks like Serene had a great time.

  3. omgosh i just want to hug her. She's such a happy smiling baby!


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