Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our grace-clad grad

alex's tms grad banquet
tms lights
serene and city at alex's tms grad banquet
alex's tms graduation
Alex is one of those men who works relentlessly, studies passionately, reads fervently, and prays constantly. He's a lifelong learner of the Lord who spent the past three years obtaining his second master's degree so that he might be able to interpret the Bible more accurately for the purpose of preaching the Word effectively. I've witnessed him pour his heart, soul, and mind into his studies particularly in these past three years for he was acutely aware that he was being trained as if lives depended on it. Not only did he aim to excel in seminary, but he also led our little but growing family, learned to shepherd our church family, served our apartment community, and so much more, all by God's grace.

He graduated this past weekend with his Master of Divinity, and we, along with dear family, church family, and friends, celebrated with a banquet and ceremony. Serene attended her first legit daycare during the banquet, and it was most endearing to amble outside during a break to see her jolly self being wheeled around in a double stroller with her friend, City. This past weekend's graduation festivities reminded me of how blessed I am by the discipline, perseverance, and desire God's given Alex to make the gospel known. He attested to God's faithfulness during his time in seminary in this short video, and all I have to say is that I am beyond blessed to stand beside him on this lovely adventure of life! Serene was so thrilled for her daddy during the graduation ceremony that she and I sat outside of the auditorium so that she could holler to her heart's content without distracting others - haha! We love our grace-clad grad so!!!


  1. so amazing. Congrats to him and to your family. =)

  2. Wow, you are truly blessed! I really enjoy how you stand beside your husband and uplift him the way you do, such an encouragement to me!

    Love these photos, you lol gorgeous as always.

    PS where are your shoes from?


    1. hi danica! shoes are from kohl's on sale! :)

  3. Congrats to Alex! I have loved following along your family's journey these past few years(?) and am so excited to see where God takes you all next. :)

    p.s. How is Serene getting so big? My goodness, she's a cutie!

    p.p.s. You, I should also point out, look cute, too! I love your sandals!


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