Monday, January 5, 2015

Halfway point

littler love at 20 weeks
littler love at 20 weeks
Just like that, we've made it halfway. We are 20 weeks along with our littler love, and this pregnancy is whizzing by. Probably because we have a fifteen-month-old Serene Joy to chase after, whose growing abilities and vocabulary keep us on our toes. I am self-conscious when it comes to baring my burgeoning baby bump, but a halfway point seems a opportune time to document. I am showing more quickly with this pregnancy, which hearsay is that such ought to be expected. This was me at 20 weeks with Serene.

When we went in for our littler love's second trimester ultrasound a week before Christmas, our jaws dropped to discern a very obvious boy's anatomy. Alex and I were both vying for a girl, mostly because having a sweet and silly little girl is all we know. That, and because Alex is an unabashed Frozen fan who wanted an Anna for our Elsa. But to be honest, I've anxiety about our babies not getting along well and fighting tons, similar to many older sister/younger brother relationships within two years of one another that I know (specifically, me and my own brother). Alex says I have to stop projecting my own childhood baggage on our children. He's right, of course. I know my nerves are silly, but they are prompting me to look to the Lord for grace regardless. I am then reminded that God is our children's ultimate parent, for we are but stewards of them for the time being.

Praise God our littler love is healthy so far, whom I've felt kicking since 16 weeks. He's especially fond of moving and grooving around 11:00pm, which is exactly when Serene preferred dancing about in my womb most. We're dreaming about how Serene shall interact with the new baby come May, since she adores being around other kiddos. She currently approaches any baby or toddler to give them a hug, leaning her face on them with the sweetest smile on her face, whether she knows them or not. We are hoping she will be an affectionate big sister to her little brother. Our littler love will be the most perfect addition to our family. After all, he is a precious gift from the Lord who is granting him to us in His good will for our joy. For the next four and a half months, I'll be absorbing as much advice about baby boys as I can. Feel free to enlighten me, please!


  1. You don't even look pregnant really!! I'm so excited for you. Can't wait for more, you look so darling as usual. Love

    Shauna xo

  2. Praise God indeed. Wow, big congrats and you look great.

  3. You look radiant :)
    Beautiful mama!


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