Monday, April 13, 2015

Eight and a half months

littler love at 34 weeks
littler love at 34 weeks
I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with baby boy. He's moving as fiercely as ever, which makes for a constantly undulating belly - a sweet, entertaining sight to behold. I started developing pelvic pain a few weeks ago, a new phenomenon because I don't remember nursing pelvic pressure with Serene. The sharp pains make walking, standing, or sitting for long periods particularly trying. I haven't seen my doctor since they've begun, but the Internet informs me that this symptom is common with subsequent pregnancies because my ligaments are loosening and shifting, and because the baby is burrowing deeper into that area in preparation for birth. Consequently, I'm trying not to walk with a grimace on my face these days. Nevertheless, the pelvic pain is a good reminder that it is still better than I deserve. These past couple of weeks have been a hullabaloo so I haven't been exercising intentionally. Hoping to get back to it now because I am nervous for impending labor and delivery. I don't know if it is easier the second time around, but memory of the first time around is enough to give me some jitters all the same.

Because we're getting closer to May, the nesting bug is prevalent in our little home. In the past couple of weeks, I've washed pump parts, the bassinet, the infant car seat, our new (to us) double stroller, and the like. So thankful I have a clearer idea of what we'll be using because I was so confused the first time around. We have about a month left to gather items we still need, and then we get to meet our son, Lord willing! I still can't believe we're having a son sometimes. We've been having to leave Serene with baby-sitters sporadically for various reasons these days, which is preparing us and her for when she won't be an only child anymore. We ordered her a gift that we'll give her when she meets her baby brother. I just need to make some accessories for it, but we're hoping she loves it and associates it fondly with him. We're praying our children grow to love the Lord and one another. What sweet grace to be able to experience and cultivate the love of family, which is but a glimpse of God's love for His Son and for us.


  1. Gorgeous pregnant woman alert! You are so beautiful Helen!
    I'm so sorry yoir experiencing pelvic pain. Is that something that happens later in pregnancy? I hope that doesn't happen to me (especially cos I will be working still!)
    Praying for you and the remainder of your pregnancy...can't wait to see photos of your baby boy. Especially to see how Serene will react!

    1. danica, you are way too kind!! not everyone gets pelvic pain in pregnancy; i didn't with serene. every pregnancy is different :) regardless, all of these minor discomforts is more than worth meeting your baby!!! sooo excited for you! hope all is well with baby pardini :)


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