Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A keepsake softie

handmade doll using baby blanket
When a friend had the thoughtful idea to turn his wife's beloved baby blanket into a keepsake softie and asked me to help bring his vision to life, I was thrilled to help. I thought he had such an amazingly sweet idea. The baby blanket was so soft and wonderfully worn; I used it as the doll's dress. I selected other fabrics in colors that would complement the baby blanket. The doll has a sweet embroidered face, purple felt hair, green-and-white striped legs, and a removable cape made from vintage linens. Serene and Valor each thought I was making the doll for them, and were so sad I wasn't. Valor kept crying and reaching for "bay-bee," and Serene has been requesting a new softie ever since. A mermaid soft doll, to be exact. I'm thinking I know what to make her for her third birthday coming up soon.

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