Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thankful for a littlest love

littlest love pregnancy announcement
painting for their baby sister
painting for their baby sister
painting for their baby sister
painting for their baby sister
God's good gifts overflow, especially in light of Thanksgiving. I've much to be thankful for, with one of the most prominent blessings due end of March 2017. I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant and finally getting around to writing about our littlest love in this space, though we announced it on social media a few weeks ago.

We are still in awe our little family is growing and are so, so thrilled we have a little girl joining us in about four months, Lord willing. The pregnancy is flying by. We discovered the last week of July we were pregnant, and the four following months were wild. The first trimester doesn't seem to get easier. In fact, I think I threw up the most this time around. Fatigue and nausea were overwhelming, especially with two little ones to tend to. Thankfully, Alex was so understanding and patient towards me and helpful with the kids. Praise God I feel much better now as I'm in the midst of the second trimester. Sweet physical relief coupled with renewed energy makes for a jollier wife and mama who is enjoying the sweetness of being a family of four, but is so excited for us to grow to a family of five. Alex and I can't believe we get to love and enjoy another precious child. We enjoy Serene and Valor so much, and we all look forward to welcoming a new little love into our family.

The kids painted a little something for their baby sister, which served as the pregnancy announcement and is now hanging on our wall as kid art decor. Ever since Serene found out her mama was going to have another baby, she asked and prayed for a baby sister daily. She reasoned that she already has a baby brother, so she wants a baby sister - haha! She was ecstatic to find out God is granting her a baby sister and shall announce it to anyone who will lend an ear. Valor is fond of my baby belly and pats it every day saying "bay-beh." He adores babies littler than him, often greeting them with hugs and kisses. We can't wait to see him thrive as a big brother. God is so kind to the undeserving. We don't deserve his riches, but are grateful that because of Christ, we are afforded His unsurpassed kindness.

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  1. Congratulations Helen!!! Such exciting news I am so happy for you and the family 😊 I feel you on the first trimester... I was seriously so traumatized, don't know how you did it with two little ones running around!


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