Tuesday, May 15, 2012

En route to Fiji

Lo and behold, storming ceased not in Fiji whilst we were minimooning, which meant we had to concoct Honeymoon Plan B. I shall confess that because I am a planner by nature, such spontaneity was not greeted with utmost warmth. Thankfully, the Mister graciously grabbed the reins and on that fateful Monday morn, booked a same-day flight to the only island in the world that was not graced with showers: balmy, sun-graced Oahu. IMG_0544 Whence first brainstorming on honeymoon locales, I initially did not want to gallivant to Hawaii because, though I had not yet sojourned there, I felt it was too tourist-mobbed and too close to home, physically and culturally. In other words, I envisioned the City of Angels, but with less smog. And more cerulean beachfronts. Which was true. However, after the whole hullabaloo with actually attempting to go on a holiday somewhere, anywhere, I was ever grateful to actually be able to revel in such pleasantry with my love. Which is what really mattered in fostering our marriage, anyhow.IMG_0550 So thankful for such a wonderful man God has blessed me with. So thankful for the grandiose gift of marriage, which has been one jolly adventure thus far. Both undeserved gifts from the Lord.
IMG_1034 Oh, I am an unabashed fan of pancake syrup now. Coconut syrup, that is. IMG_0980
IMG_0991 With fluffy, fresh-off-the-griddle macadamia nut pancakes. So. tasty.


  1. Macadamia nut pancakes with cocoanut syrup=extra lbs on Alex Hong! It's all worth it!

  2. awww! if i had known you were on the island, we could have said hi! but i guess you were on your honeymoon. next time!


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