Monday, May 14, 2012

Maximizing the minimoon

By the time my students went on spring break, the Mister and I were ready to break out into a bona fide jitterbug. We were all too antsy to embark for our much-awaited honeymoon. However, breaking news disclosed that thunderstorming and flooding were currently ravaging the Fijan landscape, so our impending Monday flight could consequently get cancelled.

So we made lemonade of our situation that weekend and went on a minimoon to the metropolitan hotspot, perpetually sun-drenched San Diego. It was so gratifying to merely meander about. I've an inclination towards the bustling Gaslamp Quarter's Victorian-era architecture,
though the Mister may chime in to declare that Ghirardelli's tastebud-tantalizing hot fudge sundaes define the charm of the historic district. IMG_0044 The Mister patiently accommodates my proclivity towards rummaging for vintage goodness wherever we gallivant. Ocean Beach's Antique District appeased the antiquing appetite sufficiently. IMG_0043
IMG_0037 Two whole days of quality time were marvelously sweet, reminiscent of the tiramisu pancakes upon which we feasted. IMG_0180
IMG_0050 Because we felt like our lives are constantly humming with activity, the Mister and I initiated a pact where mini-getaways shall be an intermittent must.


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