Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kite mail messenger

Wouldn't it be splendiferous if kite mail messengers delivered to us our packages and post? Owl post (a la Harry Potter) would be grand, too, but until the Mister and I wind up at Hogwarts, kite mail messengers shall do.

I was inspired by this that I crafted a few years prior to affix a kite mail messenger onto a parcel I am sending to a dear friend in a land far, far away.  The kite mail messenger adds a whimsical flair to a lovely package. Plus, it is a simple, time-efficient DIY to attempt. Give it a try!

kite mail messenger delivering a lovely package
vintage air mail envelopes, coupons, novel heart, baker's twine, happy tape
kite mail messenger packaging
IMG_2073 Kite Mail Messenger 

Fabric (for kite)
Fabric scraps
Thick paper
Materials to dress up a package (e.g. kraft paper, doilies, vintage ephemera, etc.)

1.  Wrap and dress up your package. I used kraft paper, a vintage air mail envelope, vintage coupons, a stitched vintage novel heart, happy tape, and baker's twine on the parcel pictured above.
2. Cleanly break skewer into two pieces: one piece that is 1/3 of the skewer (about 4 3/4") so that the other piece will be 2/3 of the skewer (about 7 1/2"). Form a cross with the skewer pieces. This will serve as the kite frame.
3. Cut a 3" by 5" diamond out of fabric. It is efficient to make sure the diamond is not larger in perimeter than the kite frame so that it doesn't get crumpled up in the post. Cut a same-sized 3" by 5" diamond out of thick paper. Straight stitch fabric to paper (The paper gives the kite a sturdy shape).
4. With an embroidery needle, stitch skewer pieces to the fabric at the center and at each point.
5. Stitch a 20" piece of string to the back of the kite to create a line. Wrap and tie the other end around your package.
6. Tie fabric scraps to the line to create bows. Allow your kite mail messenger to take flight to deliver your post to your loved ones!


  1. Can you mail it like that?! I'm guessing no...

    super cute!

    1. haha :) you can in your imagination!

      put them in an air bubble padded envelope mailer to ship at your local post office :)

  2. I have the most creative wife in the world!

  3. I loveeeed my package! Thank you friend! :)


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