Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tarrying for time-honored treasures

Splendid weekends are meant to be tarried away beneath the sun, preferably at a flea market. Apparently, I was not alone in that sentiment.
IMG_1703 My fondness for all things vintage commenced with a smattering of my most favored childhood books. I am utterly fascinated with the culture, history, and tales attached to pieces from times past. Every time I frequent a trove of time-honored treasures, I cannot help but to think that they are just too lovely not to be photographed. IMG_1711
These days, I must go with an unrelenting mission - with specific curios in mind - because, well, we are running out of nooks and crannies to occupy in our homey home. The Mister fears the day when our little home will be so congested with time-honored treasures that it feels like a claustrophobic antique shop, and I like to tease him and ask, "But what would we do if we ever get a bigger place with more space to fill with even more vintage goods???" He and some friends have also mentioned that I should hold a vintage sale to bid farewell to the frenzy of trinkets accumulated for the wedding, which I am mulling over.


  1. Vintage Sale! Vintage Sale! =)

  2. AHH, seriously, if you had a vintage sale I would come buy EVERYTHING!! you had so much cute stuff at your wedding! ;)

    & it's really cute your husband comments on your blog. :)
    Love the new blog!


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