Monday, May 21, 2012

They mean the world to us

We are beyond blessed to be surrounded by wholeheartedly amazing and selfless family, church family, and friends who were all too willing to help us execute the vision for our wedding (photographs coming soon!) and bring the plethora of heart-swelling details to life for the Joyous Day back in March. Therefore, it was imperative to bestow upon them a smidgen of hospitality to exhibit our gratitude.
IMG_1506 The homecrafted luncheon menu accentuated international tasties since, ya know, they mean the world to us. IMG_1509
IMG_1556We love having cherished chums over. I love whipping up homemade foodie goodies. Consequently, we love when our cozy, homey abode buzzes with chitter chatter, rounds of laughter, and happily gratified stomachs. In short, we're partial to practicing hospitality, so help us out and do stop by soon!

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  1. I love my wife for being a excellent hospitable woman who knows how to make great food! Thank You Greatest Wedding Friends of All Time!


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