Friday, June 8, 2012

Our happy place

The Mister and I are bona fide fans of Disneyland. The Mister prefers the rides, from the consistently rousing Star Tours, to the action-packed Toy Story Midway Mania. I bask in the nostalgic ambience as we roam around each themed land, and discern every single time their immaculate attention to detail. Mostly, we relish spending time there together as the Mister and the Misses. The Mister had inserted annual passes onto our wedding registry, in lofty hopes we would receive them on the Joyous Day. That didn't happen, but that didn't stop us. We ended up purchasing passes two days post-wedding for the purpose of, as the Mister reasons, "building our marriage." What can I say? I quite appreciate the way he thinks.
jolly holiday, disneyland
It's amusing to reminisce because the last time we were each at Disneyland before we tied the knot, we were there with each other, along with a smattering of dear friends, since we all possessed passes during that season of life. We were just friends at the time, but these days, the Mister will attempt to convince anyone who will lend an ear that I was "totally trying to get at him that day." Anyone who is familiar with our story knows this is light-years from the truth, but it is so funny to look back on those old posts now and laugh at how God, in His goodness, orchestrated our friendship-turned-marriage.
And as newly married folk, we cherish date nights at Disneyland. It is absolutely our happy place.

Happy Friday, convivial chums. Where might your happy place be? Wheresoever it may be, I do hope you'll get to visit this weekend!

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  1. Helen still tries to "get at me", but she already has me. =)


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