Monday, June 11, 2012

In tandem

What's better than biking amidst beachy wilderness on a blustery afternoon?bikes sign
Tandem biking amidst beachy wilderness on a blustery afternoon. bike down a path
With my love, occasionally an unintentional model as he saunters down the boardwalk.alex modeling
newport beach
It was an inaugural introduction to tandem biking for the both of us, and let me divulge, the pastime takes a bit of time, precarious moments of wobbly steering, and loads of laughter to synchronize our pedaling. Once we fell into a unified rhythm, it was pretty sweet to ride as if we were one bicyclist. Quite analogous to becoming one via marriage; we apply energy, effort, and much mirth whilst working together to align to a path, no matter where it may lead us, which entails trusting in my partner and following his lead on my part. It is really sweet.tandem biking
beach wilderness
end of boardwalk
A&H, that's love Cycling down the serene boardwalk and back proved liberating and heaps of fun, especially because we conversed the entire time we were biking, which is nearly impossible if cycling alongside one another on separate bikes. Tandem bike inventor (wo)man, thank you kindly for the brilliant recreational transportation that makes being one exceptionally enjoyable.


  1. Tandem biking really is fun for all you couples out there!

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos! I love the soft whites in them. I want to try this bike riding! I'm pretty sure my husband and I would crash all over the place.


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