Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another world

stretch of venice canals
bridge view
white and green boats, venice canals
field of lavender
trees overlooking canals
on the bridge
rubber duckies, venice canals
hanging out with colleen, venice canals
One of the copious reasons I love La La Land is that we are privileged to delight in such a range of landscapes, one of them being the breathtakingly serene canals, which I believe are a charming Californian depiction of the enthralling canals I sojourned whilst in Venice, Italy years ago. My dearest cousin from out-of-town sorely wanted to visit ever since she glimpsed them in the Mister's and my save-the-date video, which we shot at our favorite locales in lovely Los Angeles. My love took me there for the first time on my birthday, and it has definitely been a most favored spot since then. The canals' bridges also facilitate heartwarming girl time via lounging and chit-chatting, too.

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  1. Firstly, your video is sooo cute! I love it!

    And I have seen Venice, California, featuring in quite a few movies, such as Valentine's Day and series. And I was immediately taken by it, so I googled how much a property costs there (don't know why I did that when I live all the way in SA), but damn, you have to be borderline billionaire to live there.

    I loove your pics, especially the little one with all the duckies!


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