Thursday, July 19, 2012

Even in gloomy weather

yachts in the bay
bougie residences by the bay
faye & hazel
A&H at the beach
We were subjected to a few peculiar days awash in somber skies last week, but that didn't deter us from frolicking on the bay with dear friends. A couple of them went kayaking, while I was too chicken to venture into the open waters, since I don't know how to swim and nearly drowned the last time I tried. The rest of us stayed safe on dry land and observed tweens splash around and parents coax their apprehensive toddlers into the sea. Such leisurely summer excursions are far and fewer in between as years go by, which thereby make these forays much more appreciated, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Such pretty pictures. sounds like such a nice day. it's true that experiences like this do seem to be fewer the older we get but yes, it makes us appreciate them so much more :o)

    ps i wish we lived near somewhere like this!

  2. Although the weather doesn't look ideal the setting looks absolutely beautiful.

    I have tagged you in my 11 Things post as I really enjoy visiting your blog and looking at your lovely photos


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