Monday, July 9, 2012

Love what weddings are truly about

moh bouquet from elaine's wedding
These cheery florals comprise my matron of honor bouquet from Elaine & Matt's simply beautiful and rustic ranch wedding this weekend past. Weddings are such joyous occasions and we've had the privilege of commemorating with many dear friends, particularly in these past two years; wedding season has been a joyous understatement in our neck of woods! Weddings entail so much detailed planning and certain aspects are inevitably not executed according to plan, but on the day of, the details don't matter and it is truly all about the celebration of love between the couple.
AHthatslove at elaine & matt's wedding
It is so grand to share in these special events with the Mister. His presence constantly reminds me what a colossal source of support and encouragement he is. This weekend past, it took the bridal party two hours to meander through traffic congestion to arrive at the venue, where one of the bridesmaids discovered she forgot her dress at home, at the cusp of the ceremony's start time. My amazing and dependable husband then stepped in to fetch the dress and book it (as much as he could in a three lane blocked highway) to the wedding, where the ceremony was at a standstill until his arrival. So thankful for his servant's heart, for I had never seen him run so quickly in order to deliver the dress to us - he was kicking up an intense cloud of dust at his wake! And at the end of the day, everything worked out perfectly, and dear Elaine is now merrily married!

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  1. What a sweet hubs! I can just picture it in my head. All the girls must have been STRESSED OUT! Lucky for them they had your husband. :)


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