Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our inaugural family vacation

en route to vegas
the strip at las vegas
phantom tickets
red velvet pancakes
mac n cheese at mon ami gabi
market along 5 fwy
We had been itching to watch Phantom of the Opera onstage in all its glory, and, well, a trip to the Big Apple’s Broadway is a tad out of our budget, so off to Las Vegas we went for our very first family vacation. The Mister has family in Vegas, so it was a bona fide blast to spend time with my momma-in-law, his aunties, uncle, and cousins. They were warm, generous, and so incredibly sweet. We even got to meet up with a young friend who joined us for the musical extravaganza. We didn’t accomplish much else in Vegas besides partake in a legit buffet, homemade satay noodles, and legendary red velvet pancakes drizzled with cream cheese syrup; shop the sales for a smidge; and enjoy relaxing naps in air conditioning – precisely what we signed up for. According to the Mister’s aunties who saw how we spent our respite in the renowned resort hotspot, however, we are “so boring” – haha!

As I reflect on our blessed first family vacation, it is jarring to fully grasp that, through marriage, I am truly part of a new family. Vacationing in Vegas made me reminisce on the few but memorable jaunts with my parents and brother as we were growing up, which strengthened my resolve to schedule future family forays. God is so kind in giving me a new earthly family in addition to the one I was born in too. Even more so, God is beyond gracious in considering me His child. So thankful for a heavenly Father who loves me because of what Christ accomplished for us on the cross. A heavenly Father who shepherds my heart to know and love Him more. A heavenly Father who disciplines me and molds me more into the likeness of Jesus Christ, all for my good and His glory.


  1. I love our new family! And I love family vacations!

  2. SO glad you two got away and were refreshed!!! It's really very helpful for you, your spouse, your kids (wink, wink), and the church!!! The tricky part is to actually, really be refreshed on your vacation, LOL! At least that's our temptation :)

    Love you both! Let's go to TGC!


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