Monday, July 23, 2012

Unwinding over the weekend

lea salonga
dried flowers
les mis 25th anniversary ending
jean valjean
Weekends are generally a whirlwind for us, but this weekend past was more low-key. It was an unforeseen treat to have a Saturday to run much-needed errands since we hustle and bustle on Sundays, especially when the Mister is preaching. His sermon yesterday was a tremendous encouragement on knowing God even amidst evil in the world like last week's Aurora, Colorado shooting (listen here if you are inclined). I am constantly awed at how the Lord uses my love to expound on His word; it's intriguing to hear the husband mumble New Testament Greek to himself as he prepares diligently throughout the week to preach on Sundays, that's for sure. Due to the scorching heat of late and to unwind after gathering with our church family, we basked in the air conditioning that permeates our humble home and watched Les Misérables' 25th Anniversary again via projector (which we use instead of a television as one of the benefits of being a teacher). We just can't get enough, particularly when Jean Valjean says that "to love another person is to see the face of God." Les Mis is most definitely our most favored musical, so we are eagerly awaiting the December release of the movie version with Anne Hathaway (who is also one of my favorite actresses!), which we hope shall be as brilliant as the live renditions we've seen.


  1. We praise our Father for you two!

  2. I love Jean Valjean! I love Les Mis! And I love Helen Hong! I am not ashamed!

  3. how is your apartment so beautiful already helen? love the idea of an in house movie with projector, looks so relaxed and wonderful! hope to see your place soon! :)


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