Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fancies: words that build up

fresh flowers
(picture taken at Bath Street Inn during a trip here)

Chronicling immortalized memories is the primary purpose of this little web nook. Despite what the majority of these jolly posts portray, life and this newfangled season called marriage is not always characterized by uninterrupted bliss. A little over four months in and we've experienced much elation, but as expected, we have our share of conflicts. I have been learning of late that I need to prayerfully work on encouraging my husband and affirming his leadership. Before we got married, I read in several books and heard from dear married friends that it is not our first instinct as wives to encourage our husbands. That flabbergasted me because it seemed like a no-brainer pre-marriage. But I saw that their wisdom rang true. I have been oft tempted to speak before I think, and what comes out of my mouth is, at times, sharp, harsh, and critical, rather than gentle, kind, and building up. I read a post this week that really spoke to my heart and encouraged me to focus on my love's manifold strengths. Instead of asking him why he shrunk my shorts in the dryer, I ought to express my gratitude to him for loving me through doing my laundry and serving me in that way. That is just one instance out of many, of course.

Though my pride, selfishness, and impatience hurts my love, I am so thankful that we have reconciliation in our Lord and Savior. We get to share in the sweetness of forgiveness towards one another because we know God has already forgiven us through Christ. I really am so blessed that God gifted me with such a wonderful man who loves Him above all else. Life is so much sweeter with my love because we are covenanted together in the solid foundation that is the glorious gospel, which shows us how we ought to live that brings us deep-seated joy and God the ultimate glory. Happy weekend, dear friends. Do feel free to share the lessons you've been learning lately.

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