Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A bit of crafting

vintage soda bottle case display
yellow shelf
joyful adventures
crafting supplies
feedsack bunting
tree heart decor
top white shelf
white shelf
sewing area
sewing a heart garland
pastel heart garland
Our little home is relatively humble, but I am exceedingly grateful we nabbed some space to morph into a crafting cranny. It's actually a creative haven (for me) and study space (for the husband) combined, so we fondly call it Craftheopolis. It still calls for some tidying, because we have the Mister's bounty of books strewn about and boxes of wedding stuff stuffed in every imaginable corner, but it works for now. I got a smidge of sewing done this past weekend because a dear friend requested a lengthy heart garland for her upcoming wedding this Saturday! It is the same friend for whose bridal shower we went up to the Bay a couple of weeks ago, so we are actually departing for NorCal once again this evening. We shall be there for a week this time around not only for wedding festivities, but also for a jolly holiday.


  1. What a sweet Craftheopolis! Those little trees are adorable. Did you make them?

    I also love that hanging shelf(?) that houses all those little treasures. I've always wanted to do that in my room. :)

  2. Everything about your house makes me smile! I can't even say one thing I love because I love it all!

  3. I want to live in this house. Love!!!! xoxo

  4. This is perfect! I love your creative nook! Just love it!


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