Thursday, August 30, 2012

Picturesque enclaves

house on hill, sausalito
sausalito yachts
bay at sausalito
numbered doors
A&H in sausalito
sausalito residences
sf beneath tree
sausalito sunset
golden gate bridge, san francisco at dusk
It was an unforeseen treat to end up in the hillsides and shorelines of Sausalito. We took the opportunity to roam about after Irene & Brian's wedding rehearsal dinner, and it was an absolutely swell time. Live jazz trumpeted from the shoreline while families danced and swayed to the complimentary tunes set against the sunset's mesmerizing purple and pink background . There weren't many nomads left on the docks at that time of evening, so we sauntered around like precocious residents of the bougie houseboats resting on the waters. We wrapped up the evening swinging our feet from a bench, eating mile-high ice cream cones, watching the lights glimmer from the Golden Gate Bridge across the bay, and reflecting on the Lord's exceeding kindness in our lives.


  1. adore your last photo of the city. Love these photo series!

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    A lot of kisses.

  3. Agreed, the Lord is kind!

    These are spectacular photos, love the yachts! And the fact that you had background jazz music! It must have been magical

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  5. Your photos are so beautiful!


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