Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teatime aesthetics

light blue dress
bodice on light blue dress
my red shoes
teatime fare
petit fours
hilary, irene, candice
irene and her bridal party
The Mister told me about a conversation he had with a man friend during which they attempted to analyze how (the) girls (in their lives) gravitate towards purchasing pretty things, with a secondary regard for their practicality. I had to refrain from retorting defensively. God created us with a deep-seated appreciation for beauty, did He not? However, their statement rings ever true. I fancy all things aesthetically pleasing, and there is little daintier and more eye-pleasing than high tea, where we were instructed to don a frothy frock for light teatime fare in an estrogen-laced parlor with the then bride-to-be. When the husband heard about our afternoon affair, he said, "You girls go have your girl tea. The boys are going to have man tea." Apparently, man tea equaled wolfing down meaty dim sum in a rancorous restaurant with the then groom-to-be. The preferential differences between menfolk and womenfolk shall always prove puzzling, yet thoroughly amusing.


  1. I'm thankful for Man's man tea! =)

  2. I'm thankful for Man's man tea! =)

  3. haha! That is so very true!

  4. so cute. congrats to irene! man, i could actually go for some man tea right about now...

  5. I want your dress! it's so pretty!

    so.. he's right we do like pretty things, but God made us this way! lol.

  6. :) helen! I totally agree. God is the epitome of beauty. He is beautiful, everything He does and creates is beautiful. When my eyes are not clouded by sin, I could just stare at Him for eternity!


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