Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Francies: potential in scraps

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vintage finds at scrap When it comes to scouring for vintage treasures, I habitually adopt time-honored items for their decorating and/or crafting potential, even if they may not possess much value or charm at first glance. It is immensely titillating and fun to imagine the possibilities for their use, wouldn't you agree? These days, I have to brainstorm quickly and convince the husband quite a bit regarding an old goodie's potential purpose in order to acquire it - haha! When a sweet friend told me about a creative reuse warehouse dedicated to selling scraps for their repurposing in crafty projects, I was immediately captivated. I love the idea of people donating their junk and others finding treasures in them; I wish LA had a reuse center like the Bay's Scrap. When we got there, I was bombarded by the crafter's/teacher's/vintage junkie's paradise. I had an absolute ball patiently sifting through the mounds of used materials, and I gleefully walked away with some nifty knick knacks for a plethora of creative possibilities: a vintage hatbox, aged maps, lace tablecloths, yellowed string, vintage stamps, wooden spools of thread, embroidery hoops, glass beakers, and apothecary bottles. They are currently the newest additions to Craftheopolis, and are awaiting to reach their potential, much like we all are, no matter our condition of wear and tear from the world, don't you think? Cheers to a lovely weekend, all!


  1. helen! this is so cool! I think you've gone to more cool things in one trip than I have had in my 6+ years living in the Bay area, haha! I'm heading up north again next weekend, so I'm going to see if I can convince Taylor to go with me to some of these things!

  2. that's pretty cool! i'm excited to see what you come up with. :] i really like those tinted bottles. they remind me of vanilla extract.

  3. awesome! im so going to visit there.
    thanks for sharing :)


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