Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A maize maze

pony rides
corn maze
in front of corn maze
inside corn maze
vanilla bean cupcake
caramel apples
Spending time with my sweet auntie and little cousins this weekend past at a local fall festival adjacent to the pumpkin patch was a bona fide treat. It was a first for us all, so it was bushels of fun to race through the towering corn maze, partake in fresh cheesecake caramel apples, and scarf down vanilla bean cupcakes, all before noon. Such simple outings with my dear auntie and cousins were more frequent in previous seasons of life. At thirteen years apart, I more fondly regard my auntie as my older sister, for she was the closest to a sister I had growing up. As for my little cousins, it is surreal to realize I am no longer baby-sitting them in the first decade of their lives, but rather, that they are nearing the culmination of their middle and high school careers. Time passes so speedily, but the sweetness of family time never fades. Cheers to the upcoming holidays - they always ensure tons of family bonding.


  1. Your adventures are always so fun! I need to take more time for things like this. Thanks for inspiring me to live more fully today. xoxo

  2. Fresh cheesecake caramel apples?! Oh my word, I die! That sounds unreal!! :) Hope it was fun!

  3. beautiful photos, they are so refreshing and breathtaking. glad to see you had a good weekend.

    Oh yeah I just became your new follower yay to new friends!

  4. looks like a perfect day! I want candy apples!

  5. Hi! Came across your blog recently and I'm loving all the photos, very wonderfully taken! xx

    PS: I would totally steal those sweets if I could!

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  6. What?! This Fall festival is just the cutest! You always have such fabulous and beautiful pictures. Adore!!!
    xo TJ

  7. very clever title :) I'm not a huge fan of candy apples but those ones look delicious!


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