Monday, October 22, 2012

The season's sensation

field of pumpkins
choosing pumpkins
hiding pumpkins 2
alex pumpkin picking
hiding pumpkins 1
weeding through pumpkins
shoes and pumpkins
helen pumpkin picking
One of the pastimes synonymous with this season is gallivanting over to the much-awaited pumpkin patch. The dear husband had never meandered through an expansive field dotted with thousands of pumpkins before, so it was a blast hearing him exclaim with awe at the orange sea of squash. I am thankful for a pumpkin-centric respite with him this weekend past, which was one packed with so much evidence of God's grace. So grateful for all that the Lord continues to do in and around our lives, thanks to the hope of the glorious gospel, of which we were reminded in the husband's sermon yesterday. Hope you had a grand weekend as well, dear friends.


  1. Ahh, these are so darling! I've been seeing so many people visiting pumpkin patches lately, and it's making me miss home so much! It surely looks like a fantastic time!

  2. This field looks like so much fun! And it looks like a beautiful day. The best way to spend a weekend together.

  3. pumpkin patch looks beautiful and i am loving your shoes!!

  4. i love going to the pumpkin patch! where is this one you and your husband went to? are you going to carve them?

  5. Oh my, the pumpkin patch will be the death of me. I always go in with the vision of the "perfect pumpkin"; semi-round, a little tall, green but freckled stem and simply orange with no dents. As you can imagine, it's so hard to find anything close to my nonsensical vision >,<


  6. So neat that you got to go to the pumpkin patch with him for the first time! That was always such a favorite fall memory for me!

  7. Such a cute blog! Love these photos, too-- thank you for sharing!

    xx Missy

  8. Just stumbled across your blog, so stinkin' cute!! :) LOVE your outfit in this post. Happy to be your newest follower!


  9. I just recently went pumpkin picking for the first time too, just like your husband. So much fun!

    I'm loving your outfit in this post though - especially the oxford shoes. :)

  10. oh, pumpkin patches are the best! so cute photographs and what a lovely time!

    lindsey louise


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