Monday, October 1, 2012

Diner and a movie (town)

mel's diner
mel's diner sign
A&H at mel's
lights on hollywood
grauman's chinese theater
hotel roosevelt
crumbs cupcake
The plan for our date night last week comprised of a simple dinner and a movie - the husband had snagged a Groupon for a nearby diner a couple of weeks ago, and we had won free movie tickets over the summer. It would be a lovely and low-budget outing, especially since the month's end consistently signifies dwindled funds in our monthly budget. We didn't end up catching a movie because nothing seemed that watch-worthy (we just might end up saving our tickets for this December 2012 masterpiece), but we did accomplish dinner at a diner in a movie town. Close enough, methinks. The husband's childhood was filled with manifold jaunts to diners, where scarfing down greasy grub not only affirmed his manhood, but also always filled him up. Every so often nowadays, we will indulge his diner itch so he can settle in a vinyl booth, order a cheeseburger with onion rings, sigh and glance around the 50s pop culture memorabilia with a contented smile, and feel right at home. Mel's Diner ended up being smack dab in the center of movie town, so we joined touristy mobs in congesting the thoroughfares of glitzy Hollywood, all because we were on a worthy mission to obtain a peanut butter chocolate cupcake.


  1. You guys are so cute! I want to go to a diner now, but there is none here. This town sucks. lol.

  2. Your photos always make me SO happy. Love love love!! And I think a diner date sounds like such fun, what a great plan! xoxo

  3. I am loving those pics, you are such a great photographer! And that first picture, perfect!

    And Groupon, adore it! I find myself buying stuff I don't really need, but I buy them because they're cheaper! Does that make sense?

  4. You guys are absolutely adorable, and these pictures are stunning!! Need to get myself to California right now!
    xo TJ

  5. I think Norm's is better than Mel's =)

  6. What a sweet date night! I love low-budget date nights that are full of meaning. It certainly looks like such a sweet time!

  7. sounds like a fab date night! such lovely pictures :)

  8. this is so cute~~ I hope I'll continue to do date nights when i'm married....
    Also-- i really miss diners -- that's the one thing missing from Korea I think...all that greasy and yummy greasy food... mmmmm


  9. ahhh you two are cute! gotta love diners!
    and by the way you are beautiful!

  10. Aw...your date night sounds so sweet and lovely.

  11. You guys are too cute. Omg peanut butter chocolate cupcake? That must be divine.


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