Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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I confess - I thought it would be thoroughly cheesy. If it weren't hosted at our church this past weekend, I doubt we would have gone. I was indubitably humbled, and looking back on it, I am glad we attended the marriage conference, for it was an underestimated blessing. I must remember that the husband is a precious gift I choose to receive daily. How differently I would relate to him if I were to exhibit this mindset every single day at every single moment! Though I may fail to show it, I am so thankful to the Lord for the gracious gift the Mister is in my life, whose love, faithfulness, and patience blesses me beyond measure in showing me the kindness of Christ. I am also grateful that through the husband comes my daily sanctification. I have not seen my sin exposed as greatly as I have since getting married, which entails conflict, but results in sweet forgiveness and reconciliation that reflects once more the kindness of Christ. Ultimately, we were once again reminded that the oft-overlooked grand purpose of marriage is to reflect God's glory to a watching world. Marriage was created to reflect the love between Christ and the church, as much as our self-centered selves tend to believe and behave otherwise.  Though it might be odd to contemplate beyond the measly near-seven months we've been married, we are praying that by grace, our legacy would be one that resonates with the love of the gospel lived out in our lives. Cheers to these lovely lessons, our church family for hosting this event in our community, and the dear soul(s) who kindly and anonymously sponsored our admission. God is ever kind to us in Christ.


  1. Wow your posts are so amazing and this one really inspires me! Keep up the good work girl, and stop by to see my new post!

  2. I am so glad to see that you and your Mister's relationship is built on the foundations of God's love! How amazing is that?! Not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed that much, and I often find myself crying happy tears when I realise that Flip and I also have such a relationship.

    Do yourself a favour, even if you don't have problems, and watch Fireproof and read the Love Dare, one of the most amazing things we could have ever done for our relationship.

    PS: Would you mind activating your email on your comments (ie, not be a no-reply commenter, because I would love to reply to yout comments). Or just drop me an email with yours. Pretty Please!

  3. Your the best football I ever received into my arms =)

  4. I'm on love with this,honey!Can't take my eyes off;-)

  5. I love that ultimate purpose. Our pastor preached on that same topic a few weeks ago and I love that it keeps appearing to encourage me.


  6. this is so encouraging! :) marriage has so many layers to it, I could have never imagined! With all our trials and struggles, I can't ever imagine showing the gospel through our marriage. But God's grace works so powerfully in weak people, and I hope Taylor and I can live up to this!


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