Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fancies: what to wear

sewing halloween costumes

This weekend's goal shall be to finish our Halloween costumes. We've been envisioning them since summertide, and I am really hoping they materialize like they look in my head. It’s humbling to reflect on how I’ve been granting so much thought into what we shall wear for a few hours on an annual holiday, when I ought to put on Christ every day, which includes a heart of gladness that is grounded in the gospel. A life that resonates with love for the Lord and for others, every single day, because he loved us first. Thank the Lord that though I often fail, His grace spurs us on towards ultimate joy in Him. Happy Friday, friendly folks. What might your Halloween plans be, if any? 


  1. How do you do this? Transform any topic to one that points to Christ. It's so beautiful and poignant. You are beautiful! xox

  2. I love this reminder. I need to be more conscious of putting on Christ rather than focusing on the material things every day.

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  4. i echo andrea's comment :) thank you for always being so edifying!


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