Monday, October 29, 2012

Apples in autumn

fall in sky
white picket fence
examining apple
helen apple picking
apples far away
alex's first apple
reaching for apples
helen holding basket
apple basket
A&H kiss at apple orchard
colonial farmscape
colonial farm
up the stairs
crossing bridge
fall leaves behind fence
A&H thumbs up at apple orchard
We took full advantage of the free Saturday we had this weekend past and adventured out to the apple orchards, where, at this time of year, heirloom apples droop from trees that have thrived for hundreds of years.We had been strawberry picking together, and to the pumpkin patch together, but gallivanting out to apple country was another story of the most wondrous variety. The husband was skeptical of the whole shindig at first, but at the moment he picked his first apple, his face lit up like it does when a juicy steak is plopped in front of him. We now have a new apple-picking convert, and I daresay we gaped with delight at the fruit more than the rampaging toddlers there with their families did. Better yet, the orchard was adjacent to an 18th century colonial farm - a most fortuitous discovery, particularly since I've a predilection for the colonial era (thanks to my most favored childhood books, the American Girl series, in which colonial girl Felicity was my favorite). Wandering about there really felt like a step back in time, not only because the grounds appeared untouched since the 18th century, and that the workers there donned revolutionary era garb, but also because there was no cell phone reception. It was one of the most legit places we've ever been, and we were nearly convinced we were in Virginia circa the 1770s, far removed from modern civilization. So thankful we get to experience such faux time-traveling together. In short, it was a most lovely day.


  1. I love that you two look so much in love, it's just amazing!

    Everytime I see an apple picking story, it reminds me of Johnny Appleseed

    Do you know about him?

  2. I love that you guys love going fruit picking. It's the perfect date.

  3. ahh I've always wanted to go apple picking, I never seem to convince my husband to take me. lol
    Maybe Ill ask again.
    cute photos!!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! You and your husband are seriously adorable. Love your dress, too!!

  5. Love the pictures of you two terrible. What a cute couple you make!!

    I seriously need to find an apple orchard around here.

  6. That orchard is gorgeous! I remember going apple picking as a kid with my family and loving it!

  7. So cute. All of the apple farms here apparently are not open for apple picking this year because of frost last year.. or something like that.

  8. This day does look perfect! I love the bright pictures. You look darling and the orchard is beautiful! Wish we had one around here!

  9. aawww you two are so cute this makes me miss you more and more!


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