Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Off to the polls

vintage govt books
The last time the elections were here, I found myself at the polls as an eligible voter for the very first time. You can bet I'll be at the polls my second time around for this momentous once-in-four-years opportunity to contribute to American history. I am a smidgen more informed on the ballot measures this time around, partly because more of California's propositions are closer to my heart, and mostly because of this shindig. Regardless of how you're planning to vote, I do hope you'll all go and vote because being able to do so is a remarkable privilege. It's also comforting to know that all of my hope does not rest in our president of the next four years, but ultimately on Christ the solid rock I stand, for all other ground is sinking sand.


  1. That last sentence. BAM. Puts everything into perspective!!
    (That picture is fantastic, lady. Love your creativity.)

  2. I was just talking with a friend today about how now matter WHO our next President is; that we have a God who holds our future in His hands, and knowing that-- I can't possibly let myself worry about this election. This is the first time I'm voting, and I am so excited to do so! :)

  3. It really is a great privilege!

  4. Beautiful picture! And happy election day, girl!!
    xo TJ

  5. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  6. I so desperately wished that I could've been in the states during the election, but alas, an absentee ballot would have to do. Regardless, I think that your last sentence puts a lot of things into perspective. Sometimes, for me, it's difficult to remember that the person who ultimately has control over my life isn't a president, a teacher, or anyone else here on earth.


  7. Great post!!

    Really love your style and posts!!

    A blog like this deserves a new follower!

    Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)



  8. after the election results, i am just thankful that God is bigger than election results and I can rest in Him and in His plans for our country


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