Thursday, December 27, 2012

A date in the city

manhattan skyline
downtown manhattan 1
greenwich village
alex at grand central
grand central
downtown manhattan 2
times square 1
radio city music hall
rockefeller center
times square 2
theater district
nice work if you can get it 2
nice work if you can get it doorway
clam linguine and swiss chard ravioli
The husband had never beheld some of the city's most heralded landmarks, so of course that comprised our date in the city about a week ago. Though I don't think I could live in New York City, I never tire of visiting it. It was a bona-fide blast to drag the husband to touristy spots, which he loves in any destination, so much so that we dub them "fake wonderlands." How advantageous that the city is brimming with these fake wonderlands! He loved them all, and gaped with a childlike grin at each stop. We witnessed the contagious diversity of New York City at each stop through its architecture, people, subway stations, ethnic enclaves, eateries, shops, theater, and all-encompassing non-stop pace of life. The highlight of our date day in the city was scoring student rush tickets to a new musical, Nice Work if You Can Get It. The 1920s farce starring Matthew Broderick proved lighthearted, hilarious, and made us merry - similar to the effect Anything Goes leaves on us. Though lacking a poignant storyline, it made up for in its infectious, time-honored George & Ira Gershwin songs. We succumbed to a late night Italian dinner afterward with dear friends in Hell's Kitchen, which featured highly memorable conversations, authentic antipasti, creamy swiss chard ravioli, and wine-enhanced linguine with clams. A notable date day with the sweetest, most handsome husband, indeed.


  1. Oh how I wish to be there right now :') The pictures are wonderful honey!

  2. Beautiful crisp blue sky. And that is one whopping Christmas tree. Glad you had a nice date!
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  3. Your photos are absolutely amazing and capture the city is such a beautiful way :) Loved this post and it made me miss New York! x

  4. The photos are amazing~ It's like I'm there ^..^ & pasta! So yummy<3


  5. Nice Work is one of my favorites!! My friend, Robert is in it and took us back stage this summer!! Your pictures are making me long for the city!! So glad you had fun!!

    Oh in this post

    The picture bottom right is me and Robert on the stage!

  6. you really just take such beautiful photos. hope you had fun! :)

  7. what a fun date int he city!! i would love to explore nyc with my husband especially since he has already been there. looks like you two had a very fun date!

  8. hehe i love fake wonderlands too there's just something idealistic about them i think ;)

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  10. I love this. (: I just got back from NYC and feel the same about it as you do.
    It looks like it was a lovely date!

  11. Such a lovely date. I love visiting NYC, but it is always great to come home afterwards. I still need to see the city all decked out for the holidays. It looks so magical.

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  13. Happy holidays to the both of you! What a lovely date in NY. And omg your plate of ravioli looks really yummy.

  14. I used to live in Queens and work in the city and miss it so very much. I love these pictures! And I love your outfit!! Your shoes especially. I love Gershwin - reminds me of music class~ so glad you had a lovely date with your husband~~

  15. LET'S TRADE CITIES PLEEEEEASE!!!!!!! Ps. now following you!

  16. Happy holidays to you both and a Happy New Year!

  17. what a fun date! i'd love to see Matthew Broderick in action- I haven't seen a good play in ages. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!!

  18. You always manage to make LA look so romantic, it makes me want to venture a few miles over to romp through.

  19. Amazing city pictures! May I ask what
    camera you use :o


  20. Fake wonderlands. I couldn't have thought up a better description myself! I've visited New York once, there was magic and delicious food. I don't think I could live there but it's nice to visit and see all the glorious sites.

    Beautiful photographs : )

    sending you happy spells

  21. Great pictures! I especially love the first one with NY's skyline. I visited NY a few years back and while I enjoyed my time there, I couldn't live there permanently either.

    Happy New Year! x

  22. All those signs must have been so overwhelming. I also don't think that I could live in New York, but it would be a place I would like to visit. That food looks so yum!

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