Monday, December 31, 2012

Good morning, Baltimore

baltimore residences
fells point 2
inner harbor, baltimore
leongs and hongs 1
helen walking at inner harbor
fells point 3
leongs on bench
A&H, baltimore
gelato and killer trash
dancer leongs
alex and julian jump
oyster house
fells point edifices
oyster house dinner
baltimore brick wall
married date
The last picture above makes me laugh because if I had to define a married date via a photograph, that would be it. We made a trip over to Baltimore while we were on the East Coast with some of our dearest friends. The Leongs and we got married a month and a half apart earlier this year, so it is a bona fide blast to share in this season of life with them. None of us had ventured over to Baltimore before, and the port city did not disappoint. Baltimore was enchanting in that it looked as if much of the city had been untouched by time since the 18th century, with its plentiful red brick edifices, stately trees, worn cobblestone streets, and serene harbor. We were smitten most with the food we sampled. We had some of the freshest seafood I've ever tasted, not only in the town marketplace, where the crab chowder and calamari impressed us, both in reasonable pricing and amazing flavor, but specifically at this epicurean establishment, whose seafood entrees all blew us away. We had to order the giant crab cake, because apparently Maryland is reputable for them (though I am not normally a big fan), amongst other dishes, and they were all amazing, and I found myself confessing that it was one of the best dinners I've had in a long while. We were a handful of happy visitors, for Baltimore took care of us well.


  1. As usual you take the most amazing pictures. Traveling with friends is always fun. I remember Baltimore being a lovely city but I was only there for a few hours so I didn't get to experience the city in its entirety. Also, Happy New Year!

  2. oh my, i just LOVE your cape! it is so perfect on you! i am in love with your photographs, as always, they are so bright and soft! have a wonderful new year!

    lindsey louise

  3. Oh goodness, your coat/cape is soo cute. You two couples are just adorable :) happy new year girlfriend!

  4. These are such fun photos - looks like you guys had an awesome time! And that cape looks too cute on you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. I love visiting these places vicariously through your blog :)

  6. as always, suuuuper beautiful pictures! i love the one where it looks like the boys are jumping into the lake haha that made me laugh. and i love your red cape! so chic :)

  7. These pictures are wonderful - Baltimore looks like such a gorgeous city. I hope to visit it sometime! And your red cape is so vibrant and divine~

    ♥ xixia

  8. Yay! So glad you had fun in Baltimore! And glad you got to get a bite out of the famous crabs! Happy New Year to you and your husband!

  9. You always take the best pictures, and you are just too cute! I think I'll just have to take a trip to Baltimore soon, what an incredible place!
    xo TJ

  10. I do love Baltimore!!! Such great memories there.

    I could honestly just scroll through your pictures all day/every day. Do you use photoshop to edit?

  11. Baltimore looks beautiful! I would love to visit it one day. Your pictures are amazing and I am so glad I came by your blog.

    I've added you to my blogroll!

  12. I've never been to Baltimore before either. It looks like a lovely city to explore.

  13. I smiled as I looked at your pictures.
    Happy New Year.

  14. These pictures make me smile! <3
    You really seemed to have a great time together!!

  15. You are such an amazing photographer!

  16. Happy new year gorgeous! You look amazing! I love all these photos!

  17. These pictures are gorgeous! I've been to Baltimore a few times - it's such a cool city!

  18. I love all of these photos. They're so beautiful! My boyfriend went to school in Baltimore, so I've always wanted to visit. Ahh, your descriptions of the food make me want to go even more (I love seafood so much!). Happy near year! I wish you nothing but the best in 2013 :)

  19. I probably say this every time (whether in the comments or to myself as I read your blog) but I so love your photos. Beautiful! Happy new year to you!!

  20. What a great time you had! Love the pics of you mini adventure, you guys are adorable.

  21. This is such cool photos, I really love it! You make Baltimore sound like a brilliant place to visit.


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