Thursday, March 7, 2013

A pretty row

antiques row 1
antiques row 2
antiques row 3
antiques row 4
antiques row 5
antiques row 6
antiques row 7
We went foraging for antique pretties the other day. We are still on a mission for vintage bookshelves, and we didn't chance upon any worthy contenders, but it is still so fun to poke around the shops and admire the funky fun art on the brick edifices. It's disheartening to see little old town districts grow decrepit over the years because the local businesses aren't getting enough love. Must support local small businesses whenever possible!


  1. Great pictures!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. Lovely blog :)

    A chic kiss ;)

  3. Agree with you in supporting local businesses. I may get a chance to go out to LA in May and hope to stop by this place! Woot!

  4. Oh man- what a great local business! Looks like such a fun pace...can't believe how beautiful your photo's are!

  5. helen, please take me with you one day! :)

  6. I love vintage shops. I could usually spend a few hours in them. Are those little kiddo clothes? They all look so cute!

  7. I love shopping at my local antique stores here in the little artsy town that I live in. I love it :)

  8. I am taking notes for the next time I am in L.A., you know I love a good vintage shop. Keep looking, I know you'll find the bookcases you're looking for, and at the right price :)

  9. buying antique/secondhand can be frustrating sometimes when you want what you want but you can't find it! keep your eye out i'm sure they'll pop up sooner or later :)

  10. Yes, I'm all about support local and small businesses. I don't want all these big manufacturers taking over our towns. I can't wait until you find your perfect vintage bookshelf, Helen :)

    Beautiful photos.

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Such cute antique shops. I want to rummage through that dress rack. Keep looking for those perfect bookshelves... they'll show up somewhere. :)

  12. most refreshing photos ever!! keep going with it. i just love stumbling upon your posts and finding these images!! they're so easy and pleasant and really relaxing (i don't even know if that's the right adjective for it).

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  13. You're so lucky to have those places in L.A. Do you ever go to Melrose? Some of my favorite thrifting is there for clothing. Although, last time I was there a couple years back it had really changed. Can't wait to see what you find. Thrifting is great, but it does take patience. :) Lots of love,

    Shauna xo

    1. shauna! yes, i LOVE melrose! although you're right, it's not as vintage-y as it used to be. i've seen the changes over the years, and unfortunately, it's more hipster/trendy/funky now, but there are still some thrifting gems there! :)

  14. i always love the photos you post of your antique-shopping trips! i can live through you for the moment being. haven't had the need to do any shopping of like for a while. it's always exciting to go shopping for your house though! -xo.melody

  15. Such pretty pics! I totally agree with you about supporting small and local businesses.

    Happy weekend sweetie!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

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  17. Such a great pictures.. I wish we have something like that in my city..

  18. Love this little boutique. It's like you could find everything you'd ever search for in there. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  19. I definitely and fully agree about supporting local businesses... :) Although, recently I bought my first DSLR from a local business (wanting to support them and all) and now, 4 months later, I find out they're going out of business because the owner is retiring... hmm, I hope I won't have any problems with my camera...because I won't be able to return it!

    P.S. The photography on your blog is so beautiful and pleasing to the eye! Love it! :)

  20. such pretty little vintage odds & ends!
    this looks like a fun weekend trip. how did you ever manage to leave??

  21. I love finding little antique treasures, and this place looks great! Love the pics!


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