Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The day Hogwarts became real

hogwarts express
hogwarts 1
platform 9 3/4
hogsmeade station timetable
A&H in front of hogwarts express
hogsmeade rooftops
hogwarts and hogsmeade sign
hogwarts express side
me in front of hogwarts
hogwarts 2
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was indubitably one of the highlights from our whirlwind sojourn in the sunshine state. I had been itching to pay a visit ever since I discovered in 2007 within my college dorm room that they were opening in Orlando, and golly molly, it was absolutely as brilliant as I had imagined. I was one of those nerds who bought each book the first day it was released at 6:30 in the morning, spent all day and night reading it until I finished, and secretly wished that world were real. As we traipsed around Hogwarts and Hogsmeade that day, I kept blurting out unabashedly, "All my dreams have come true!" I snapped so many photos that I shall share more in subsequent posts, but I must divulge that the ride within Hogwarts is the best theme park attraction (and most technologically advanced ride) I've ever experienced - an amalgamation between a roller coaster, 3D simulation, and legit magic that transports you into scenes within and around Hogwarts. I am still in awe of the creativity God has bestowed upon people to conjure up an amazing literary series-turned-theme park and movie phenomenon.


  1. This is my absolute dream. I was hoping you would post some pictures!! So glad it was everything you hoped it would be. Now, I need to get there!

  2. OH this looks SO fun!! Ha ha love the snow against the trees in full bloom!

    Ali of


  3. I was just thinking about you last night, girl!!! So happy you commented on my blog...I miss you! Lets chat, soon!

    PS- you are showing up as a no-reply blogger so I can't respond to your comments! Respond to this and i'll show you how to fix it!!

  4. Haha! I first discovered Harry Potter senior year of college during finals! Oy - I was so hooked I couldn't put the book down. I literally finished it as quickly as I could so I could get back to studying! And my husband and I went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for our 2 year anniversary :D I love seeing these pictures! Brings back memories!

  5. drooling. soooooo jealous, helen!

  6. that is awesome!

  7. I love how grand the castle looks! It's incredible how much detail and work went into the theme park.

  8. I am seriously so jealous right now! I've been wanting to go there for so long. Looks like you guys had a great time!

    xoxo Jamie

  9. oh, you are SO lucky you went here! it's on my to-do list :) harry potter fan for life.

    grace & love,

  10. stop it!! I want to go there SO badly!! I know my husband and I might be the biggest kids there when we go. haha

  11. I am so jealous right now! That looks amazing and I would love to see more photos.

  12. amazing, really love this!
    hope you follow me back <3

    Sergio, xx

  13. Ha! I didn't realize this place existed and now I really want to be there. I think that is adorable that you exclaimed "all [your] dreams have come true!" Never lose that sense of excitement!!

  14. wow. omg.. my husband would die to go to this place. both, He and his sister, love Harry Potter. lol

  15. this is the coolest! It looks so real! What an amazing park. We just went to DisneyWorld and this looks like way more fun :)

  16. I love your complete devotion to all things Potter. Beautiful pics as always and I am glad you had so much darn fun!

  17. It looks like so much fun, a definite must for any Potterheads! You take such beautiful pictures too.

  18. Oh wow! This is divine!! I'm now frantically scribbling down visit Harry Potter World on my Bucket List!


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